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Ladybird - Tabitha's Glass Emporium

Created using a unique technique by Tabitha Burrill at Tabitha’s Glass Emporium. All made with Oceanside Glass 96COE.

There are two options available for Ladybirds. 4mm-8mm and XL. The XL murrine are pulled much larger than normal murrine varying in size from 10-18mm in diameter. As soon as they pulled them from the Vitrigraph kiln we put them directly into another kiln to anneal. They are so thick that we have to cut them on the tile saw, we suggest that you dust them with a light coating of clear powder before firing.

As with all murrine made using a vitrigraph kiln, you will getting slices from different parts of the whole pull including hollow murrine, they will all be different.

Please note that these are handmade and hand pulled and therefore there might be some small variance in colour and design from one pull to the next.

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