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Oceanside 96 Stringer - Dark Blue Transparent

Oceanside Noodles and Stringer are available in a variety of colours.  Noodles and Stringer are approximately 17 in. (43cm) in length, and packed in 5 oz (140 gm) tubes. Noodles are shaped like fettuccini noodles: flattened to approx. 1.35mm thick by 3/16 in. (4.5mm) wide. Stringers are shaped like spaghetti: approx. 1.2mm diameter.

Use Noodle and Stringer to add a small linear pattern or element to any design. Much thinner and finer than you can cut from sheet stock, both Noodle and Stringer add linear colour elements with minimal thickness buildup. Try them flat, or pre-bend them to create ziggurats or wavy elements.

All Oceanside Noodles and Stringer are fusible Oceanside Compatible products of 96 coe. Oceanside Compatible glass is compatible with existing, genuine Spectrum and Uroboros System 96 products. 

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