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  • School Copper Foiling Kit

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All the essentials to set up a glass studio for teaching in Schools, Colleges and Adult education for up to 15 students.

Call us for specific requirements and a kit tailored to different class sizes.

Glass Grinder- Kristall 1

Soldering Iron 80w (15)

Budget Coil Soldering Iron Stand (15)

Chemical Flux for Copper Foil (5)

Solder K Grade (30)

Flux Brush (15)

Copper Wire 1mm Gauge 1m length (10)

Edco Copper Foil 1/4" Copper backed (5)

Value Glass Cutter (15)

Cutting Square (15)

Glass Marker Pen (15)

Fid Tool (15)

Spectrum Sale Glass (30)

Grozing Pliers (15)

Light Weight Cut Running Pliers (15)

Clear Practise Glass 30.5x20cm (30)



*Schools 20% Discount


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