• Spare Pressure Plates - Silberschnitt Cut Running Pliers

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Spare Pressure Plates - Silberschnitt Cut Running Pliers

Spare pressure plate for Silberschnitt Cut Running Pliers


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    Good to have a spare
    By Kate Lavender

    Wouldn’t be without my Silberschnitt pliers now, as they have increased my confidence with my cutting, meant I rely on my grinder less and also has saved a lot of glass breakage wastage!
    However, the pads can wear down quite quickly if you are using them a lot or pressing too hard, and if the tip of the point starts to flatten too much, it’s harder to get those really tricky curves or narrow pieces to break cleanly. So having a spare pare of pads in your draw is handy!
    Really easy to change over and although ive gad to change mine probably every 6 months, the cost is well worth what I have saved.

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