• Papyros Kiln Paper (New formula, see below)

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Product information

Papyros Kiln Paper (New formula, see below)

New formula for 2023 due to material supply chain issues.  Please note that repeat firing properties may vary from previous supply, however the new material retains its excellent levels of integrity after firing for easy low dust cleanup. With extreme caution you may be able to repeat firing, however this is not guaranteed.

PAPYROS™ Kiln Shelf Paper is a ceramic-based paper specially formulated for glass fusing. It is ideal for the majority of fusing projects up to 1600°F. Because of its sturdy composition, PAPYROS ™ provides excellent glass/kiln shelf separation PAPYROS tends to retain its paper-like qualities during firings, rather than decomposing into loose dust. The degree to which PAPYROS retains its integrity can be affected by the characteristics of the glass being used as well as firing schedules.

Please call for pricing and availability if there is no stock showing of what you need. Note: Studio Rolls cannot be sent to DPD SHIP TO SHOP locations due to the length

To use the paper;

  • Line the entire shelf, or cut a piece measuring at least 12mm larger than your project (on all sides)
  • Place your glass project(s) on the papered shelf and fuse

When you’ve decided that you’re ready for a new piece of PAPYROS, use one of the options listed below to dispose of the expired paper.

NOTE: If using a Vacuum, ensure that your HEPA filters are changed on a regular basis so vacuum functions correctly. When using a bag or rubbish bin make sure you use one dedicated for paper disposal, that has a fitted lid, and is lined with a plastic bag. Empty bags on a regular basis.

We recommend using a spatula: Using a spatula, fold over the sheet of expired PAPYROS into a small "packet" (reminiscent of making a crêpe foldover) and lower it into a dedicated, lined bin, then close lid. Empty the bags frequently.

PAPYROS is a ceramic-based product and therefore, just as with any other ceramic fibre material, you should always follow these basic safety steps:

  • Wear gloves when handling
  • Avoid breathing residual dust when cutting pre-fused PAPYROS, or cleaning post-fired PAPYROS from your kiln shelves
  • Wear a respirator that is approved for fibre dusts when working with PAPYROS
  • Wear safety glasses

Studio Roll  = 112.75 square feet

Craft Roll  = 140 square feet

Commercial/Bulk Roll  =  854.16 square feet

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  • * * * * *
    Not as good as before
    By Susan Laity

    I am very disappointed with the performance of the new formula papyros paper. It has increased in price but is nowhere near the same quality. I have found that even on a contour fuse the paper breaks up and cannot be reused, especially when using opaque glass. Granted it washes off the glass with no problem, but I am seriously considering buying the cheaper thin fire paper if I am only going to get one firing.
    With the old formula I used to get up to four firings even with opaque glass. Such a shame.

  • * * * * *
    Almost as good - CGG STAFF VERDICT
    By James Paget - CGG Staff test review

    Having run trials of the 2023 version of Papyros, we were aware that due to the change in chemical supplier there is less chance of re-usability as we enjoyed previously. However our tests found that we were able to do a full fuse and re-fire once (this was under System 96, clear and opal separate tiles to a top temperature of 795c for 12 minutes. we did not attempt further re-use. There was a little more pickup on the reverse, however this still came off relatively easily with a wipe, as usual, more pickup on the opaque glass. The paper did not disintegrate to dust in the first use like other brands, so clean up was far easier then the alternative and less pickup on the reverse of glass sheet. Higher temperature work will probably mean that repeat firing is unlikely. However the paper still outperforms the alternative, and is more convenient than shelf wash.

    In summary, its not identical to the original iteration, which had the luxury of the ability to re-use it many times. However, it is still the best product on the market in our opinion.

  • * * * * *
    not happy with the new 2023 formula
    By Fabio Di Gregorio

    while the price is gone up , it can be used just once. i am moving to try new product , or the classic shelve wash

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