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  • Stained Glass Painting Kiln - SG2

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KW: 2.5
Internal WxDxH: 455x380x230
Max Temp: 650c
Control Model: KCR2


FREE DELIVERY and KCR2 controller included. UK 13A Plug fitted. Alternatively can be shipped with an EU Schuko plug.

The SG2 is a tried and tested formula that works fantastically. Proven in its abilities and reliability it is capable of quite large quantities of work for to its size, due to the stainless steel rack and shelving system in the kiln.

It comes complete with a rack and 4 shelves, each of 380mm x 330mm. The SG2 comes complete with a ST 314 controller as standard and has a top temperature of 650c. The kiln contains no ceramic fibre and the chamber is built with high quality lightweight insulation bricks.

The frame is made from rust resistant metal and is the powder coated and oven baked in our Supermarine blue.

The SG2 carries a 12 month guarantee on all parts.

If you are keen to combine fusing and painting we reccommend the Hobby Fuser or FK range of glass kilns, which are able to handle both the lower temperature paint or stain firings and hotter fusing and slumping programs.

Delivery lead times on the SG2 kilns will be confirmed at the time of order, since these Kilns are not stock items.

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