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Tygris Boron Nitride Spray

Tygris IS35 Boron Nitride spray is used as a high temperature ceramic coating on stainless steel and ceramic glass moulds. A budget version of the widely used Boron Nitride Spray, this offers excellent value and release property for moulds.

We have found that this works very well on slumping moulds and stainless steel moulds, however bear in mind that once you have used a Boron Spray on a mould you can not revert to a standard powder primer e.g. Primo Primer. 

Not recommended for frit casting, fusing, texture or scrap master moulds due to higher temperatures required. Try ZYP for high temperature work

EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Severely irritating to eyes and skin.

Application instructions:

Set up a spray area with newspaper or the like to protect the surroundings, and undertake the job outside or somewhere very well ventillated. 

Always wear a respirator mask, gloves (it comes out of the nozzle very cold) and safety glasses. MSDS is attached to your order confirmation email, or call us for your copy.

The first time you use Tygris boron spray it is necessary to apply two coats. Hold the can 10-12 inches from the mould and apply in 2-3 second sweeping bursts. Hold both the can and the mould upright.

Apply a first, light coat across all the mould on areas that will come in contact with glass. For larger moulds you may need to use a longer 3-5 second blast.  Do not saturate the surface. If it beginst to look wet stop spraying immediately. Allow the mould to dry out and then re-spray the wet area lightly.

Set the mould aside for 5 minutes to dry, then re-apply a second coat as before, then leave to dry for 15 minutes before use. 

Apply one light coat each time you fire. Top up coat(s) can be applied as neccessary according to firing temperature and frequency. At slumping temperatures, Tygris will allow a clean realease without spines and sharp edges. 


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