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Wissmach 96: Deep Sky Blue Luminescent

Wissmach 96: Deep Sky Blue Transparent Luminescent


Wissmach 96 is made for glass fusing and kiln forming. Special care is taken to avoid devitrification and all our glass is tested to fire with any other glass that is labeled COE 96

Our coated glass is similar to the iridescent coatings, but not quite the same. Therefore, we call it luminescent coating. It does create different effects depending on the way you fire it.

You can fire Luminescent Glass:

● Coated side down onto a kiln wash dusted fiber shelf and the coating will intensify.

● Coated side down onto a kiln washed shelf or shelf paper and it will still look intense but different.

● Coated side up and the luminescent coating will stay on darker colors if you fire no higher than 1410 °F, but will fade away on lighter colors giving the glass a beautiful sheen.

● Cover the coated side with a piece of clear and the coating will fade away completely.

Working with all these options will offer you a nice new pallet of design possibilities. Petra Kaiser has been fusing with the luminescent coated glass for several years and her customers and students like working with it as well. You can find some interesting free project lessons at www.kaiserlee.com.


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    Beautiful colour
    By Caroline Grimwade

    Gorgeous colour, really nice to work with and and Looks fab! Really appreciated the advice from the staff too!

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    By Louise coultas

    Absolutely love the luminescent wissmach glass . Used it in many ways but especially lovely to use on textured moulds. Fused well with other system 96 glass . Great advice and support from the staff at creative glass guild

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