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Product information

Youghiogheny Stained Glass Premium -Lucky Dip! 300x230mm

One Lucky dip sheet of the new Youghiogheny Premium Stained Glass made by Youghiogheny. The range includes the following. 

  • HS - Youghiogheny High Strike Glass is a traditional ring mottled Art Glass. This line includes mostly one or two colour mixes
  • RG - These three and four colour mixes use a specifically formulated opal base glass. This base creates a true white cast, surface hazing, and the waxy quality that is generally associated with glass made by Tiffany
  • SP - Stipple's waxy, ice-like effect sets it apart from the rest. Due to the translucent quality of the glass, there is a 3D effect when colors are streaked together. This becomes beautifully apparent when illuminated
  • TD - TD glass is a scientific breakthrough for the Art Glass manufacturing industry. It is Dichroic in that it will change in both color and opacity depending on the surrounding light. The glass will appear opaque and soft in reflected light and will come alive in vibrant pinks, purples, blues and yellows in natural daylight and different transmitted  lights.

  • OG - Oceana specializes in the manufacture of this beautiful handmade art glass. Oceana mottles are soft with a delicate wispy background.  Each sheet contains varying degrees of density, which create a stringy three dimensional quality that is uniquely Oceana.
  • TS - Youghiogheny Textured Streaky Glass is the newest addition to our growing Art Glass collection. The introductory pallette covers our most popular color combinations in a striking Granite Texture.

Approx size 300x230mm, will vary due to sheet sizing.


(Glass may differ from that shown in the picture, price is per sheet)

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