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Dark Blue Opaque - Oceanside 96

Opaque 96

Fusible 3mm thick art glass, COE 96. Solid colour opaque’s have low light transmission, making this glass an excellent choice for projects where solid colour is required.

  • Ideal for fusing projects, can also be used in standard stained glass, traditional painting on glass and copper foiling applications
  • Easy to cut - perfect for beginners
  • Tested for fusing - 96 COE
  • Compatible with all the System 96 range of glass
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    By Jill Manley

    I bought this blue glass to make a stained glass fish (Dory from 'Finding Nemo') with copper foiling. It was the only royal blue glass in the whole of the UK that I could find, that was opaque! I was making the fish for a neighbour and he didn't want transparent glass.

    I am very pleased with the glass as it's a gorgeous colour on both sides. It was easy enough to cut. However, I found that tiny layers of glass would flake off the top & bottom surface of the cut edge. It was almost as though I had taken a potato peeler and just peeled a little bit off the edges here and there. It looked a bit chewed.

    When grinding I also discovered it was important to hold the glass absolutely straight against the grinder or else the glass would behave in the same way on the edges as when I was cutting. Fortunately where this happened, I was able to cover it with copper foil, so it wasn't a problem.

    I would like to take the blame for this light chipping on the surface of the edges when cutting & grinding. Perhaps I'm too heavy handed. Who knows? However, it was only the royal blue glass that behaved like this and not on the black, yellow or white opaque glass I ordered to make this stained glass fish.

    I've never come across glass doing this before.


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