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Dragonfly Wing Filigree

Dragonfly wing filigree in two sizes, perfect for use in lampshades, suncatchers, or your own creations.

2 wings per pack.

How to work with brass filigree:

For the filigree to match the rest of your stained glass piece, you will need to tin it beforehand.

1) Place the filigree on a heat resistant surface.

2) Rub it with very fine steel wool to help the solder adhere to the filigree.

Please note the filigree will get extremely hot while you are tinning it, so wear protective gloves.

3) Coat one side of the filigree with flux, then tin it with the thinnest possible coating of solder.

4) Flip it over and tin the other side.

Your filigree is now ready to be soldered to your lampshade or other project.

5) Apply patina if you wish.


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