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Product information

Solder - K Grade 60:40

K Grade Solder (60% Tin 40% Lead) is recommended for copper foiling as it is faster flowing which makes it great for making smooth beads of solder over your copper foil.

  • Best standard grade
  • Approx 56cm in length, blowpipe, half round
  • Solder will be coiled for postage
  • Pricing is calculated per stick
  • Approximately 18 sticks = 1kg (can vary) & 9 sticks = 1/2kg  (can vary)

Due to fluctuating metal markets, the price of solder can vary between stock deliveries to Creative Glass Guild. Should there be a reduction in price we will automatically update ours and pass any savings on to our customers.

An MSDS sheet will be attached to your order confirmation for this product.

WARNING: Lead based products including lead solder and came are classified as HAZARDOUS to FERTILITY and the UNBORN CHILD. We recommend that you obtain professional instruction before use.  Wear gloves and wash your hands regularly when using, especially before eating, drinking or smoking.




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    Perfect every time
    By Heather Smith

    Great! Thank you! I always use the roll, but as it’s been out of stock everywhere I took a chance on this type, and I have to say it’s great. Smooth lovely solder lines on my glass projects, and arrived super fast.

    (Tbh, my orders are always dispatched within a few hours at the longest if it’s day time!)

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    Best supplier I’ve found
    By Kate Lavender - North Lakes Stained Glass

    Always great service from CGG esp with their solder.
    The quality of the 60:40 has always been consistent, and it is easy to use with my adjustable temperature iron. Flows and sets nicely, takes patina well.
    Solder prices have been fluctuating considerably over the past 18 months, and although CCG haven’t always been the cheapest, the service, quality and packaging has always made buying from them worthwhile. I admit I ordered from a competitor once to top up a glass order for postage, and the solder came wrapped in sticky tape and the residual adhesive that wouldn’t come off the sticks was more trouble than the saving was worth. No such problems ever in the time I’ve been ordering from here.

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    60:40 Solder - worth the extra cost
    By Peter - stainedglassgardenart.com

    When I started making stained glass ornaments for gardens my wife told me my soldering was messy and if I was going to sell anything I had to add a dark patina to hide this. Patinas do not survive outside. Instead I discovered getting a quality neat solder joint is so much easier using 60% tin 40% lead solder rather than the usual 60% lead used for windows. Having been selling items for 10 years my work is now recognised by the neat domed solder joints and the need for no added patina allows the lead to breath and develop it's own natural weather proof patina.

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