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Fold It Mould

This Stainless Steel Fold It Mould allows you to slump your glass project to create a 3D shape. Use with Boron Nitrate, ZYP or Papyros Paper with 3mm Fibre Paper.

Fold It Moulds come in three different sizes. Extra Small, Small and Medium.

See Diagram in the Images for size reference.

Extra Small:  A - 12.5cm   B - 10cm  C - 5cm     D - 1.5cm (Lip)


Small:           A - 12.5cm   B - 15cm  C - 7.5cm   D - 1.5cm (Lip)


Medium:       A - 12.5cm   B - 19cm   C - 11cm   D - 1.5cm (Lip)


Also Available as a set of three with a 10% discount on the set.

****Remove protective film before firing****

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