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Leaded Light Cement

Leaded light cement for weatherproofing stained glass windows. Leaded light cement is great quality, easy to use cement and ready blacked.  Easy to brush between lead and glass for a watertight seal and a rigid panel. 

Available in;

  • 800g
  • 2kg
  • 5kg

We have introduced the new 800g tub as a result of our customer feedback as nothing was available on the market. We hope this will go some way in helping you reduce costly waste when cementing your stained glass panels. Shelf life is around 3-4 months. 

Stained Glass leaded light cement is brushed between the lead and glass on both sides of the panel to waterproof and stop the stained glass from moving around. It requires whiting to set dry. We recommend leaving panels for at least a week before fitting. Don’t let it set on the lead as it won't come off!

Store in a cool place.  We use a cheap dish washing brush to apply the cement, apply whiting to dry out the oil and use a pointed dowel / stick to clean up.  Finish with a soft polishing brush and some black grate polish for a nice shiny black stained glass panel!

For more information about how to cement a leaded panel click here.

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    great quality
    By Bedford Stained Glass

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