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Pale Amber / White Wispy - Oceanside 96

An Oceanside Glass perfect for fusing, stained glass and copper foil work.

Oceanside Wispy is a glass in which white glass (opal) is mixed with one or more other colours to create a variegated, multi-coloured sheet. Light transmission varies with composition. Can also be called "variegated opalescent" sometimes "streaky".

Please note that glass made with multiple colours can have some variations of the colour mixtures, the photo above is a general representation of glass colours which may vary from piece to piece. Sizes are approximate.

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    Pale Amber White Wispy
    By Emma Fraser - Glass Lore

    A beautiful piece of glass. Even better than it looks in the picture.

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    Beatiful glass with lovely qualities.
    By Timothy Kirman

    This is such a lovely glass. The semi-transparent glass makes it ideal for both subject matter and background, especially when mixed and matched with similar colours in the range. Having recently used it in a stained glass piece using high fire enamels the glass moved very little during firing and lost little of its character making it an ideal choice for the project that I was working on.

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