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Powder Pink Frit - Opaque COE96

Glass frit plays a role in every segment of the hot glass arts. Each colour is clean-crushed, magnetically cleaned, and screened into specific sizes for a variety of applications. Compatible throughout the System 96 family.

Four particle sizes/grades are available in every colour, in order of grade, starting with the finest, the particle sizes are:

  • Powder
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

Choose your 100g bag or 240g jar grade from the drop down list above.

A coarse grade picture is shown for all System 96 frits, for illustration purpose only.

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    "kenergy" to the full power
    By Fabio

    like everyone i was struck by the lack of pink Coe96 during 2022/2023
    this past christmas i ordered creative glass guild advent calendar , in one of the suprises bokes i got pink opal (f3) and i was surprised by the dept of color and versatility
    so last week i went to buy a 250 gr .
    now as you cant tell is 3 times more expensive then any other fritt. but i as i said i very versatile and complement nicely black fritt ( flowers , skin, sunsets, jewellery )

    highly recommended

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