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UGC Primary Blast Pouring Enamels Kit

Primary Blast Pouring Enamels Kit

Kit includes: 4 oz jars of 1951 Brite White, 1956 Dark Blue, 972D Lite Red and 975D Brite Yellow. Also included are two 8 oz bottles of Layering Mix, 4 pages of step-by-step instructions with color photos and Basic Pouring Instructions.


Note that 972D Lite Red contains cadmium and lead and 975D Brite Yellow contains cadmium. These colors are not food safe.


These are some of the colors that we use in a lot of our UGC Pouring Enamels Techniques in a convenient 4 oz size.


Colours are also available separately in 1 oz and some in pints in our NT Color and Original Colours sections.




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