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Product information

Xpression Decals - Leaf Pattern

These glass decals are lead free and food safe. Once kiln fired, they are permanent and will not scratch or rub off. If using clear glass, glass decals look best when fired on the back of the glass piece. The result is gorgeous depth of colour the colour will be transparent. If fired on white glass they will be opaque.

If using silkscreen glass decals, they can be fired on the front or back of the glass.

Directions for use:

  • Waterslide ceramic decals are commercially printed and cover coated for easy application and firing
  • Cut out decal, soak in lukewarm water, slide the decal off the paper onto your piece
  • Squeegee the water out and allow to dry overnight
  • Please note that these glass decals have a flux overcoat which will leave a faint line where you cut the decal
  • Fire between 565 - 621C no hold fast firing
  • Approx decal size - 180 x 230mm


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