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Product information

Egg Bottle Drape Mould

Create recycled art and slump a bottle, or use fusible glass to create this bottle shape. Deep channel designed for eggs. Designed for 1.5 and 1.75 litre bottles.

Durable ceramic mould is easy to use and can be fired multiple times. Always elevate moulds with kiln posts for good circulation.

Prepare mould with a primer before firing, we recommend either Primo Primer, ZYP or MO-RE Boron Nitride Mould release sprays. Mould measures 13" x 6" (33 x 15.2cm) approx.

Made in the USA by Creative Paradise Inc. Project image image courtesy of Creative Paradise.

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    Egg Bottle Drape Mould Works a Treat
    By Helene Glass Art

    Holds 10 medium sized eggs so use a larger wine bottle. Primed the mould with kilnwash as normal and slumped using the Hobbyfuser Bottle Firing Cycle (Prog 7). Had a worrying moment when the glass wouldn't release from the mould at 50C but let it cool to 30C and it popped out - phew! Have since learned that the Boron Nitride spray works better. Lovely shape to finished bottle glass, super glossy underneath, looking forward to experimenting with other sizes/types of bottles.

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