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HAKKO - FX601 Soldering Iron 240V UK Model

The Hakko FX601 soldering iron is a light weight, mains powered, portable soldering iron perfect for stained glass work. The iron has a dial for temperature control and a temperature control sensor ensuring consistent heat.

Also available, replacement tips in different sizes, all tips are suitable for both copper foiling and leading. Note: we highly recommend you buy a tip tinner to go with your iron to clean and protect your tip while making stained glass soldering easier.

  • Dial temperature control with settings 240ºC to 540ºC
  • Detach the control knob and lock the temperature setting with supplied dedicated lock key
  • Comes with a T19-D65 chisel tip 6.5mm x 18mm
  • Ideal for hobbyists such as stained glass working
  • Ceramic heating element for efficient heating
  • Temperature control sensor in heater ensures consistent heat
  • FAST thermal recovery
  • LED informs you when the set temperature has been reached
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    Best solder iron
    By Lorraine Smith

    I replaced my Weller 100w Solder Iron with this model and I am absolutely delighted with the performance of this tool. It’s light weight, heats up quickly and so very reliable. Thank you to the team at Creative Glass Guild who provided me with great support and guidance to ensure I could continue my craft making without any further problems. Highly recommended.

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    A Great Upgrade
    By Sue

    I bought this to replace a Weller 100W iron which I have been using almost daily for about 6 years. I have been using the Weller iron with 7mm number 7 tips and K 60:40 solder for 3D copper foil projects.
    This Hakko iron came with a 6.5mm tip included which has proved to be a better size for my work (I have to reach into very tight gaps). The iron heated up much faster than the Weller and seemed to maintain a more constant temperature compared to the Weller iron even using a brand new Weller tip. I set the temperature on the Hakko iron to 360C and my solder melted beautifully. My work did not feel as hot as usual so my hands welcomed this!
    The Hakko iron is much lighter and smaller than the Weller but after a few minutes of use I got used to this and actually preferred it. The Hakko fits on my Weller stand so I dont have the added expense of buying a new stand. The electrical lead is a good length and is flexible.
    Creative Glass Guild (CGG) kindly recommended this iron to me and "so far so good" - I am really pleased I bought it. The service and delivery from CGG was, as usual, superb.

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    Great tool
    By Kat

    Great powerful tool. Small, lightweight, perfect! Called the best iron for soldering stained glass by many. And it consumes half of energy than Weller soldering iron (47W).

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