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Pattern Shears For Copper Foil

Pattern shears are special scissors which, when cutting out your templates for copper foiled stained glass making, removes a thin strip of paper, equal to the amount of gap needed to allow for the two strips of foil where your pieces of glass meet.

To use, simply draw out your cartoon, cut along the lines with the pattern shears, which remove the gap required, and use the cut templates to start cutting your glass. This works particularly well if you are using opaque stained glass!

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    Make the gaps look very large ...
    By Richard S

    This Shears appear to cut 1.13mm line out of the pattern. This is far too much for working with copper foil. If somebody was using a pin to secure their pattern pieces, the would use a pin that's 0.6mm thick, then we must allow 0.1mm for copper foil each side so we get 0.2mm for copper foil, adding it all up we get 0.8mm as opposed to 1.13, this means that whoever was looking for perfection in their assembly will have to deal either with very large gaps or distorted measurments.
    I personally have found this scissors not useful at all.

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