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Slit Scrap Master Melt Pot Mould

Stack your fusible scrap glass into the scrap master pot melt mould to create dramatic one-of-a-kind marbled glass. Simply coat the inside of your mould with primer (we recommend ZYP as other brands don't fire high enough), fill your pot melt with fusible scrap glass and fire. Once hot, the glass will flow out of this mould and onto a kiln shelf below. Unique base traps glass and works as a dam mould below.

Durable ceramic mould interior diameter is 9¾" (24.7cm). Mould measures 10¼" (26cm) round and 4¼" (10.8cm) high.

You will end up with some residue of glass in the top of the pot.

Made by Creative Paradise Inc in the USA.

Segment Rate C/Hour Temperature Hold Time Hr:Min
1 250 Celsius / Hour 910C 1:30
2 FULL / 9999 Celsius / Hour 815C 1:00
3 FULL / 9999 Celsius / Hour 510C 1:30
4 56 Celsius / Hour 440C 0:10
5 56 Celsius / Hour 288C 0:05


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    By Sarah Woodward

    I have wanted to try 'pot melts' for a while now, and when I saw this mould, I knew it was an easier way to do it - so I treated myself to a split mould. I used up a few of 'reject' pieces, with a few transparent scraps and a few opaque. I coated the mould with Primo and sat on a shelf with Papyros kiln paper. The result was amazing. Colours mixed with others to create new ones. I had put a bit of black scrap in - so the patty came out darker (note to self, no black next time), but still beautiful. The bottom of the patty needs to be sandblasted and then I think I will slump it. Such a great way to use up your scraps - or in my case, your reject work! You won't regret buying this, you really won't!!

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