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Moss Green Transparent - Oceanside 96

Vibrant colour, pristine clarity and a smooth surface characterise Oceanside 96 transparents. Use transparency to add another dimension to your work by layering colours.

  • Fusible 3mm thick art glass
  • Compatible with all the System 96 range of glass
  • Can also be used in standard stained glass, traditional painting on glass and copper foiling applications




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    nice glass
    By Pauline Frost

    Cuts beautifully, fires nicely. Very pleased

  • * * * * *
    Love this green
    By Anne Crouch

    I love this moss green transparent - I can see why it is so named. I particularly like that the colours are fabulous if you fire them over some pattern in, say, fibre paper (with some transparents, the colour does not really show the pattern). Also, the colour intensifies as you add more layers.

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