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Perfect for use in a small kiln, the Small Ceramic Vase Slumper mold makes creating small vases and candle shelters easier than ever. At 3-1/2" high, 2-3/4" diameter, this draping mould fits the interior of small kilns. Made of reusable ceramic and designed to withstand many firings, simply prime as with normal moulds, cut a piece of 3mm shelf paper to size, position the glass and shelf paper on the mold, add a layer of Papyros to give a better release between glass and ceramic fibre, and you're ready to create. Note: Use shelf paper as a separator to allow glass to release from the draping mould.  Check out our free firing program download for this vase slumping mould on the Creative Guide's Page!

Glass vase by Lisa Vogt.

Made by Creative Paradise Inc in the USA

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