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Product information

Weller Soldering Iron 100W

Note: We now recommend the Hakko FX601 soldering iron from Japan over and above the Weller, as the reliability is now far superior in our experience, click here for details

Also available, replacement tips in different sizes. Note: we highly recommend you buy a tip tinner to go with your iron to clean and protect your tip while making stained glass soldering easier.

The tip that comes fitted with this iron is the 7mm No.7 - 700°F/370°C - recommended for stained glass.

The 7mm No. 8 tip - 800°F/430°C is the one we recommend for copper foiling, is available to purchase separately.


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  • * * * * *
    soldering iron and stand
    By Jas

    An excellent product at a competitive price. Best to buy the stand too for ease of use and safety.

  • * * * * *
    soldering iron
    By Veronica Sullivan

    Perfect. I use it for copper foiling and lead work and it's great for both.

  • * * * * *
    Great iron, very durable, shame no bullnose tips (which are available in holland)
    By Matthew Le Breton

    This is a GREAT iron, I bought one some 10 years ago and it is still going strong. The thermostatic tip makes a tiny little click noise as the thermocouple cuts in and out maintaining a constant temperature, unlike the 80w irons which are a constant non regulated heat. I use it professionally although many of my students opt for the cheaper 80w non thermostatic on a cost basis this delivers just that extra bit of Ommph.Heartily recommend. Only downside is that this model comes with a chisel tip not a bullnose like the 80w irons. For ages I favoured the 80w for that reason. Then I discovered that in holland they come as standard with a bullnose 100w tip. SInce then I have bought the bullnose tips from holland and they make it the ideal iron. Hence 4 stars rather than 5 as this is the chisel version

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