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Product information

Swirl Texture Bottle Slumping Mould

Create recycled art by slumping and adding a fun swirly texture to a 750ml bottle - or use fusible glass to create this tectured bottle shape. This reusable mould can be fired many times.

Prepare mould with a primer before firing, we recommend either ZYP or MO-RE Boron Nitride Mould release sprays. Mould measures 16½" x 4⅞" (42 x 12.4cm) approx. Swirls measure ½" to 2¼" (1.3 to 5.7cm).

Made in the USA by Creative Paradise Inc. Project image image courtesy of Creative Paradise.

Segment Rate C/Hour Temperature Hold Time Hr:Min
1 167 Celsius / Hour 665C 0:45
2 167 Celsius / Hour 732C 0:15
3 FULL / 9999 Celsius / Hour 799C 0:05
3 FULL / 9999 Celsius / Hour 510C 1:00


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