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Mandala Texture Mould 7inch

  • Create a lasting impression and give your glass art dimension
  • Durable ceramic texture mould is easy to use and can be fired multiple times
  • Large 7" x 7" mold is perfect for plates and more


In the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, ‘Mandala’ translates
to ‘Circle’ and it represents Indian religion and the Universe.
Mandalas are known to have healing qualities and many people
color the Mandala circles in as a form of meditation.
Mandalas can have very simple or detailed and intricate patterns.
Here at Creative Paradise Inc, we have created a simple yet beautiful Mandala flower for you to try color
in- with frit!

To create fantastic dishes and more imprinted with this nature inspired design, simply fire glass on the mould. Once fired you can slump it into nearly any shape to create bowls, trays and plates with amazing detail. A quick and fun project idea. Must kiln wash before use. Measures 7" x 7".

Images courtesy of Creative Paradise. 

Made by Creative Paradise Inc. in the USA

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