If you would like to hire a kiln or some stained glass equipment, come and see us at Creative Glass Guild. Listed below are what we offer to rent at affordable rates.

We have many people hiring our kilns and sandblaster to make larger projects, we have staff on hand to help with advice and tips, so spend the day at our studios getting creative!

We have a wide range of tools for glass working. We only stock those products we would use ourselves with a great selection of essentials alongside great gadgets for the stained glass and fused glass artist alike. See our online store for the full range.

We can offer advice on tools if you are unsure of what to buy, or we have beginner's kits on sale.

Kiln Hire
We offer glass kiln hire for fusing, slumping, casting and glass painting at our Bristol premises. We also have on site an FK7, two FK4 kilns and a Hobbyfuser Kiln, all of which are available to hire. We also provide help with firing programmes if needed, and of course bench space if you want to hire space to make your glass work to load into the kiln.

Kiln Size Cost
Kilncare Hobby Fuser - 2 available 420 x 420mm approx (internal) £28 (+£3.50 for thinfire/papyros paper if required)
Kilncare FK4 Glass Kiln - 2 available 1000 x 500mm approx (internal)

£44 (+£6 for Papyros paper if required)

Kilncare FK7 Glass Kiln - 2 available 1100 x 1100mm approx (internal)

£70 (+£15 for Papyros paper if required)

Kilncare Maxi - Bead Annealing Kiln   £18.50 per std. annealing cycle (104COE)
Vitrigraph kiln hire*   £25 per firing

*Price includes terracotta pot, you must use the provided pot. The kiln takes approx. 2 hrs to reach temperature and half an hour to empty, holds approx 1kg glass.

All the above include fibre lining paper.  All the above is on site at our premises only.
You can try out glass fusing before you commit to buy, or if you have a special fused glass project to undertake, come to Creative Glass Guild to use our facilities. If you are a glass artist, you can contact us for help in realising your designs.

Hire Per day Per week
Work bench hire £15 £65

Please note we do not mail out any hire items / offer them for use off site.

Sandblaster Hire

We offer sandblaster hire at Creative Glass Guild, visit our studio and for just £28 per hour (which can be charged at increments of £7.50 per 1/4 hour) you can sandblast, frost and etch glass to your heart's delight. White aluminium oxide blasting, a cabinet with full pressure control slotted sides for panels up to 1 metre wide and staff on hand to offer advice and guidance. Call us to book, we are open 7 days a week.

Coldworking Studio Hire (Induction must be attended prior to use)

*An induction session is mandatory before you can book to hire our cold-working equipment. This is for your safety, and to ensure the longevity of expensive consumables, priced at £25.*

Please call us to arrange a date and time. Each session will be approx. half an hour long. The following equipment will be demonstrated:

MAG45 Flatbed Grinder - Heavy duty glass grinding machine. 450mm diameter, water cooled.

Covington Linisher - Polishing machinery with various belts for desired finish (shiny/matte etc). Vertical.

DeWalt Wet Saw - Saw through slabs of glass with ease, essential for pattern bar projects up to 60cm long.

Once the induction has been completed you will be able to book the coldworking kit at £40 per hour inc VAT. Please ask a member of staff for more details. 

Hire Terms and Conditions

As part of this agreement the staff at Creative Glass Guild will enter the hirer’s chosen firing schedule into the appropriate programmer for each kiln if required, but will not provide the hirer with programmes for the hirer’s work other than at their own risk.  We recommend a test firing prior to committing to a full project.

In the event of any damage to equipment, kilns or kiln furniture caused by the hirer’s negligent use, the hirer will be held responsible and will be charged for the repair or replacement of any damage. In the event of an incorrect programme being entered or supplied by the hirer no responsibility will be held by Creative Glass Guild, and a firing that has been mis-programmed in such a way that it causes more power to be used than is normally expected by a standard full fuse firing, the excess usage in kilowatts will be charged for pro rata.  Kiln hire is per firing based on up to 24 hours use, firings going beyond this length of time will incur an additional charge.

Loading and unloading of kilns must be undertaken by the hirer. It is assumed that the hirer has sufficient understanding of the processes, hazards and operation of such equipment and the materials involved to be able to undertake this.

Creative Glass Guild Ltd. will not be held responsible for any unsuccessful firings of hirer’s work, however caused.

For a fee of £40.00 plus vat per hour,  trained Creative Glass Guild staff can be made availableby prior arrangement to help and to advise the hirer regarding the firing processes. Although Creative Glass Guild staff are experienced and will endeavour to advise according to that experience it must be understood, however, that no advice given constitutes any guarantee that the advice can be totally relied upon by the hirer. Creative Glass Guild accepts no liability for any consequential loss as a result of hiring equipment.  Fees for hire will still be payable even if the firing is unsuccessful. We always recommend test firing before comitting to your project.

These terms will be deemed accepted upon use of the equipment.